Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good morning,

Nearly seven years ago you were one of twenty-some people who subscribed to my online cab driving diary: “Brad Newsham’s 2010 Free Ride Journal.”

You may remember that I swore I was not writing a book — I was just trying to have some writing and story-telling fun — and I meant that when I said it.

But… I am a writer.

And in the fall of 2011, that diary crooked its little finger and summoned me back.

I have spent the past several years working those original posts into a polished manuscript: replacing less-interesting stories with favorites from other years; buffing up the prose; adding 115 color photographs (most of which I took during 2011 and 2012); and weaving in a personal tale which many readers say is their favorite element of the book. The result is similar to but, I believe, much different than the original diary. The word count has grown by roughly fifty percent — to 145,000. With the photos, the book comes in at 450 oversized pages (7” x 10”) and weighs two pounds, six ounces. It makes a pretty good doorstop.

(Important: Please pause here and take two minutes to expand and read the text on the attached photos of the cover.)

Knowing that you were reading my 2010 output meant the world to me. You helped give me enough of an audience to allow myself to keep trying to have some writing fun. Thank you.

Yesterday my “second printing” — 100 new copies — arrived on my doorstep. I wish I could afford to give them all away and order more. I cannot. But the next time your “reading queue” allows you to take on a fairly sizable read, if you are in the USA (foreign shipping is beyond my budget) I would love to send you a loaner copy – I will be thrilled and proud to know you have read it. And should a mainstream publisher ever publish Free Ride, I intend that each of you original subscribers receive your own copy of that future version.

Again, thank you for your support and partnership during 2010. Those meant more to me than I know how to convey.

If you would like a loaner copy (or if you want to say anything else to me), please contact me directly. 

Again, thanks for 2010.

All the very best,