Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's their anniversary

Shift #4

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13 -- Mid-morning -- Octavia and Lombard, to 24th/Guerrero -- $13.00

has its theme, it seems. It could be that four people pay with $50 bills. Or three different people need a ride to St. Mary’s Hospital. Or three people are carrying cats in small cages home from the vet.

But it also seems that weeks can have themes, or months can have themes, etc. And while it's way too early in the year to make any sort of definitive projection, who knows, maybe I have spotted an emerging theme of honeymooners and newlyweds?

AT THE MARINA INN, Just a few blocks from the Bay, I pick up a young couple -- neither of them can be more than 25 years old. They live in San Diego, where the guy was born, but the woman grew up on Guam. They met in San Deigo when she came to the States for college. “Guam is only 30 miles long, and five miles wide,” she says. “I had relatives in the States, and I’d visited as a kid, and I always knew I wanted to come to California to live.” We talk music much of the way, and we talk about the trip the two of them made to Guam a couple of years ago -- they told her family that he, the guy she’d brought home with her, was “just a friend” interested in seeing Guam. Today, which is their first wedding anniversary, I ask if they think anyone believed them, and they both laugh: Nah... Who would fall for something like that!


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