Monday, November 1, 2010

One hundred and eleven words

Shift #89

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 -- California/Davis to California/Mason -- $5.35

A weekend getaway in San Francisco. Headed to the Top of the Mark for an afternoon drink. In the Mark’s driveway, I think: “I’ve learned almost nothing about them. There’s no story to tell. Perfect!” I wrote 4,500 words about Friday’s shift, and after twenty drafts got it whittled down to 2,500. Today my arms feel like they’ve been strung with barbed wire. Coming up next is All-rides-free Day, and who knows how many words and how many drafts that’ll take! I turn to my passengers: “Free ride!” But it’s really a gift to my aching arms. One draft. Bam! Let’s count: One hundred and...eleven words.


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